Foot & Ankle Problems Associated With Diabetes

Foot & Ankle Specialists are an important part of a team of physicians who manage complications associated with diabetes. Diabetes can affect circulation, nerve sensation (feet go numb or tingly), skin health, healing wounds and fighting infections. If you have no other complications with your diabetes, an annual foot and ankle exam can help detect problems early. Call to make your appointment at 480-253-9996 or visit us at


Physicians Partners in Philanthrophy (HonorHealth)

I am honored to be recognized by HonorHealth and HonorHealth Foundation. It has been a pleasure treating patients at HonorHealth hospitals. 


Phoenician Foot & Ankle Specialists

The practice of Dr. Nima Sana, D.P.M., MPH, MHA. We are a comprehensive outpatient podiatry practice providing leading edge diagnosis, treatment, and surgical services to pediatric, adolescent and adult patients.

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The economic value of specialized lower-extremity medical care by podiatric physicians in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers.

These findings suggest that podiatric medical care can reduce the disease and economic burdens of diabetes.

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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment and Management


Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a compression neuropathy of the posterior tibial nerve as it passes in the anatomical tarsal tunnel, which lies posterior to the medial malleolus and beneath the retinaculum of the flexor muscles of the foot.

Foot pain-tarsal tunnel syndrome-heel numbness


  • When entrapment compresses the nerve, it causes ankle pain and a burning sensation, numbness and tingling on the sole of the foot. Symptoms are usually on one foot.
  • Symptoms may be worse at night.
  • The pain tends to be aggravated by prolonged standing or walking, normally worsens as the day progresses and can usually be relieved by rest, elevation or massage.
  • Pain may radiate along the sole of the foot, sometimes up into the calf.
  • Pain may be aggravated when the ankle is placed in extreme dorsiflexion.


Medical therapy for tarsal tunnel syndrome may consist of local injection of steroids into the tarsal canal. An acceptable conservative approach in the early treatment of tarsal tunnel neuropathy includes the use of local anesthetics and soluble steroids, which may aid in the reduction of the patient's pain. Patient with intense pain could be put in a CAM walker to decreased pressure in the tarsal tunnel. Physical therapy may be of some value in reducing local soft-tissue edema, thereby easing pressure on the compartment.

Also, in symptomatic patients who exhibit a contracture of the gastrocnemius muscle of the achilles tendon, stretching exercises that are designed to improve the flexibility of the gastrocnemius should be initiated. In cases in which the patient has a flat foot type, a well-designed custom foot orthosis may reduce tension on the tibial nerve by decreasing the load on the medial column. When all conservative treatments have failed surgery is explored by the foot & ankle surgeon.  

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